The excellence of Andura products provide buildings with high quality, weather resistant, microporous  coatings that are installed to high standards by our workmen. 'Kent P and R' differ from local tradesman, not only are we approved Andura contractors but we can offer customers Wethertex products - this gives our customers additional choice and flexibility within the finish and final colour choice. The finish and texture options vary greatly, during the property survey  potential customers are given the opportunity to look through the full range of Andura and Wethertex finishes to ensure the correct selection is made for the type of property to be worked upon. Andura products protects and transforms the appearance of your home, it is used on a variety of building types from new builds to listed buildings.  It has colour stability meaning it is unlikely to fade, it is weatherproof and microporous. The quality products manufactured by Wethertex offer 19 coloured pastel shades that will compliment any building whilst the waterproof re-pointing mortar is available in a selection of 7 colours, therefore complimenting the pre-existing brickwork.  
As an approved contractor for both Wethertex and Andura you are guaranteed to have high performance render systems applied to your property. The vast range allows you to personalise the exterior of your home.  You can do this by selecting a through-coloured render system, insulated render, GRC based render, the mesh fibre system or liquid render repairs. The products we offer not only strengthens the external façade of your property but provides longevity, breathability and waterproofs your home. Contact us through our website or Checkatrade profile page to arrange your free no obligation quote.  
Damp can be a potentially serious problem for many houses and cause numerous health issues for young and old alike.  To fully diagnose the problem of damp, the root cause must be found and identified as the key issue.  There could be a problem with the waterproofing of the house or possibly an issue with the structure of the property. We are able to identify problems surrounding the Damp Proof Course and can offer services that rectify the problem. By injecting the Dryzone system it reinstates the Damp Proof Coursing into the mortar bed.  Once diffused along the mortar bed the patented high strength silicone based cream cures to form a breathable water-repellent resin.
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As demonstrated within our verified Checkatrade feedback; customer satisfaction is at the heart of Kent Rendering and Plastering Ltd. Active engagement is demonstrated via an exchange of emails or telephone calls between the company and you, the potential customer. A free, no obligation site visit will be undertaken to gain the correct measurements of the works and details of the required job. A provisional list of project attributes with a list of projected capital costs are sent via email and Royal Mail.  If the quote is suitable, a formal contract will be sent for you the customer to sign. The required 25% deposit for works to be completed is a requirement to secure the crew; the deposit is held securely and pays for materials and plant / access equipment that will be used throughout the duration of the project. Upon completion, customers are asked view the property and sign the 'job completed' sheet, it is after this the remaining 75% balance is due.
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