Project Attributes

We are a company committed to our customers from the beginning to end process.

Once the project attributes are verified, a base date of commencement of works is given.  All projects are allocated an experienced site foreman who assists in overseeing the scope of works.  As a customer, you would previously have received a breakdown of the attributes purchased.  This, in essence is divided between days on site.

Cleaning and repairing are the primary requirements before any rendering or spray can commence.  We urge that customers take this into consideration, all works can be explained verbally via a step by step process provided by the crew.

All customer needs are tailored to their specific property depending on the gross external floor area or number of builders squares to be worked on, due to this the allocation of crew may vary in size.  Typically, they work as a two man team however, this may be subject to additional crews working alongside them dependant on the scale of the project.  Customers are entitled to the telephone number of their allocated foreman, we urge all customers to discuss the ongoing progress of works and to contact us if they wish for additional extras to be added.

Examples of customer requirements:

You may want your bare brickwork rendered and sprayed, firstly we need to install a plastic beading system.

You may need repairs carried out before the render system is applied – we don’t always need to hack all the substrate off, make sure you gain several renderers opinions before you agree to hack everything back.

The render systems we use are usually applied by trowel, some customers may have two coats of render with a fibre mesh coat in between.  Or, others have the liquid through colour system.

If you require the spray finish, everything that either surrounds or fixed onto your property is masked off before any spray procedure.  It is a lengthy process but the finished look is amazing.







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