Customers regularly ask us questions, we have put together the most frequent and answered them for you.

Q: How much does your coating cost per builders square ?
A: The price per square will vary depending on your property type and choice of coating. All customers are provided with a free no obligation property visit, followed by a quotation of all works to be carried out.
The overall quote will also include any necessary repairs to the exterior of the property before the coating is applied.
Q: Is there a property near me I can view?
A: Kent Plastering and Rendering Ltd have completed properties all over England and Wales, due to data protection and the residential status of the houses we are unable to refer to them as ‘show homes’.
We are Checkatrade members, please look at our profile that shows a portfolio with customer feedback.
Q: What do you require on site and do I need to be at home?
A: No, you do not need to be at home as we work on the exterior of the property. Project attributes are confirmed before commencement of works however we may require electricity or water
As advised on the contract, all access to the exterior of the property must be clear.
Q: What does the price you quote me include?
A: The price includes all the necessary materials and labour costs, we are VAT registered so all prices are shown to include vat.
We pre-order your materials based on the calculated size of your property, hence the requirement of a 25% deposit.
Q: If my neighbour wants their house coated do I get anything?
A: We do offer a price reduction if two properties adjacent to each other are completed at the same time. The reduction is subject to the size of the property and works required.
Q: How do we know you will do a decent job?
A: Kent Plastering and Rendering Ltd are dedicated to customer satisfaction. A family run business strengthens the bond between management and crew, all work attributes are carefully met; with customers being invited to discuss daily updates regarding the progress of their work.
Our Checkatrade feedback demonstrates not only capability but a high satisfaction rate from our customers.
Q: What can I expect after I have made an enquiry?
A: Once the initial enquiry has reached us either via email or telephone, the company owner will contact you. Usually, this is a welcome email followed by a telephone call to book the property survey.
The property visit includes measuring, photographing and discussing your individual wishes / concerns. There will be an opportunity to look at the guarantee and contract, colours choices and select the products you wish to use.
From this appointment, a quote is generated which is sent via email and Royal Mail.
If happy, a contract is sent for you to sign and send back. Once the deposit is paid, crews can be booked and works commence.
Q: We are inexperienced in the spray coating business and unsure of the product. Can you help?
A: Kent Plastering and Rendering Ltd, can ensure the salesman and crew are fully experienced in the spray coating, rendering and plastering business.
We are Kent Trading Standards approved, members of Checkatrade and have verified feedback provided from our customers.
We can offer you direct contact with our suppliers, we invite you to use their websites and discuss our works or products being used on your property.
Q: What type of risk is there for my property?
A: There is minimal risk for the property itself, the crew will ensure all areas not to be spray coated are masked off.
We have previously experienced members of the public not adhering to safety signs used on scaffolding and walked beneath our works. This is not advisable, if required, we can provide customers with a risk assessment.
All of the scaffolding used has full health and safety signs, we have health and safety advice on our contracts, we have public liability insurance plus our crews are fully trained with the product, tools and machinery used.
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